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CSB 4.0 Q&A
Globalscape released CuteSITE Builder Version 4.0
on March 26th, 2003.

Here is some helpful information for you:
Q: Why should I upgrade to CSB4?
A: Besides the new features and enhancements, Globalscape did address several internal issues and problems with the software.  Some users, fo rexample, are reporting that the publishing process is faster with CSB4.  If you are currently using CSB3, a $29 upgrade is reasonable, IMO.

Q: What bugs were fixed in CSB4?
A: Click here to view several "known" bugs that were addressed and resolved in CSB4.

Q. What new features or enhancements are included in CSB4?
A. Here are some of the more significant changes or enhancements that I have discovered with CSB4:
- new Host Setup wizard
- ability to have CSB4 backup your .tlx file to your web site
- ability to select a suffix (.asp, .shtml, .js, etc.) to use for a given page
- ability to select a "target=" option from a drop down list when creating a URL link
- the HTML text link properties (with Page Properties) have been expanded to allowing you to define rollover text attributes.
- the form wizard has been expanded to allow additional custom fields to be defined
- ability to use the  Insert > HTML Code feature when editing in Page Layout mode,  rather than relying on the Pass Thru technique (<|  |>)

Q. What should I do before installing CSB4?
A. Several things, including:
- backup your .tlx files
- write down your CSB3 serial/registration#
- write down the CSB Host Setup information for your web provider
- make a backup of your Registry file

Q. Can I have both CSB3 and CSB4 installed on my computer?
A. No. When you install CSB4, if it detects that CSB3 or Trellix Web is installed on your computer, the first thing it will do is to uninstall the old version of the software! Fortunately, it will NOT delete your .tlx files or your web host provider information.

Q. Is CSB4 compatible with CSB3?
A. Yes, CSB4 will read both CSB3 and Trellix Web .tlx files. But, once you have opened a file using CSB4, it cannot be used by CSB3 or Trellix Web.

Q. Is the CSB4 release free for anyone?
A. According to Globalscape, if you purchased CSB3 after Feb. 6, 2003, you can upgrade to CSB4 for free. For all other current CSB3 users, a special $29.95 upgrade fee is available.  If you do not currently own CSB3, then CSB4 must be purchased at full price ($69.95).

Q. Is CSB4 XP Compliant?
A. CSB4 has been tested and is supported on Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP operating systems.  Actual XP compliancy is a Microsoft certification process that Globalscape has decided not to pursue at this time for CSB.  

Q. How will I be notified about CSB4?
A. Globalscape will send an email to all registered CSB3 users containing the appropriate information.