Demo16: File Upload CGI Script

Ok, all you good boys and girls,
today we turn our attention to CGI and Perl scripts.

First things first ---
CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface,
and as its name implies, it provides a "gateway" between
a human browser with unexpected and complex needs,
and a Web server that must be told exactly what to do.

Most CGI scripts are written in a language called PERL,
which stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language

Aren'y you glad you asked!

Here's a simple analogy, albeit a pretty bad one ---
CGI is like the road or highway you drive on every day.
It gets you from point A to point B.

Which vehicle you choose, is up to you.
You could choose to drive a sports car, a truck, or ride a bicycle.
PERL is the vehicle of choice to go down the CGI highway!

Let's move on!