Demo 17 Quick Mail

The code provided by Bravenet is cut & dry.

Simply insert it, as given, into a Build your own web gem (if using Trellix Web),
or Insert > HTML Code (if using CuteSITE Builder).

But unless you set up a special response page,
you could end up with the infamous "frame within a frame" problem

Solution involves creating a "thank you" page in Trellix with no frames,
and which has a link back to your home page (using a "target="_top);
and then to go to Bravenet and update the QuickMail general parameters
to display this "thank you" page in response.

Detail Solution:

Part 1 - Creating a new page

1. Right click on a blank space in your MAP area, and select to insert a new page.  Note, this new page should not be on a sequence with any other pages.

2. Right click on the new page and then click on Properties -> Page, then click on the Page Area tab.

3. For each page area frame (top, left are usually enabled by default), click on each, and select to turn off showing this border

4. Type a message on this page, like:
Thank you for your email.
Click here to return to my home page

5. Then highlight the 'Click here' line and right click on it and click on  'Create link for URL or file' and then type in the URL for your home page followed by "target="_top

Example:" target="_top

6. Finally, right click on the square in the map area representing this new page, and click on properties.  Then, in the short title area, type in a short title like: thankyou

This will cause Trellix to publish this page as "thankyou.htm"

Part 2 - Updating Bravenet

1. Use your web browser to access and login to Bravenet and go to your QuickMail/Email Form Manager and click on General Settings

2. In the area 'Thankyou URL' enter the full name of the thank you page we just created. Example:

Part 3 - Publish and try it out!

Hopefully it will work!