Demo 19 - PhotoJam

PhotoJam is a product of Macromedia
(maker of Flash)

How to use:

Photojam will take a set of images in a directory, allow you to select some accompanying music, and then let you create (publish) a set of files that you can then load to your web site.

Using with CSB/Trellix:

I would recommendt using an FTP utility, like CuteFTP or WsFTP, and upload the entire directory created by Photojam for your album up to your web site, and then create a single link on your CSB/Trellix page to link to your Photojam album.

When creating your link, be sure to enter the full directory name but do not enter the default .html page. For my example, here is what I entered for my link:


1. By uploading your PhotoJam directory and files separate, you don't impact the size of your CSB/Trellix file

2. You are free to upload your PhotoJam directories as you complete them, or revise them, without having to republish your CSB/Trellix file.