This tutorial is designed to demonstrate that it is possible to create a fixed left border and a fixed top border within a CuteSITE Builder (CSB) / Trellix Web (TW) site.  

The goal is to keep the top and left frames fixed, and only change the information inside this *body* (white) section of the web site.

There are two tricks we will do to pull this off:

The first trick is to know that CSB has a special built-in target= name
for this body section:  TRLX_Middle .  We will make use of it in the links
that appear in the left hand frame.  For example, the URL I used for the
'News' link is:  news.htm" target="TRLX_Middle

The second trick is to modify each of the pages (other than the home page)
and to turn off showing the left and top borders.  What do I mean by this?

Take a look at the image below which shows the default CSB Map area.
The pages (squares) along the sequence line labeled 'Sections' are the
pages we will modify.

Well, click on the 'How to do it button' on the left to learn!