Step 3
You should now have several pages with no borders defined.  Now we need to create links to these pages from your home page.  

We need to define the links in such a way that when a visitor clicks on one of them, the linked page will display within the white body section of the home page.  We do this by using the HTML target= option when creating links as I mentioned earlier.

In this demo, I placed the text for the links within a table, although that is not necessary. In fact, you could create your own button images, and that would work just as well.

Highlight/select a text (or image)
Right click and select Create Link to URL or File...
Inside the Field box, type something like this:   news.htm" target="TRLX_Middle
Note 1:  DO NOT include the http:// that appears by default
Note 2: When you click OK, you will get a warning message telling you that you are not using a properly formatted URL.  Jus tpress OK to proceed.
Then repeat for each of your other links!