Demo 8: Image Map

Image maps allow you to direct your visitor to different pages based on what section of an image or picture they click.

Have you ever been to a web site with a map of the United States, and depending on which state you click on, it takes you to a specific page about that state?  That's an image map!

Image mapping is the term used to describe where you can use different portions of a single image
to direct visitors to different pages of your web site -- like a graphical menu or map.  

Wow, maybe that's why they called it an "image MAP"!

There are different ways to create an image map, including:

Server side image maps
Client Side image maps
Fake image map

By far, client side image maps are the most popular, and are way to go.  However if you have visitors using earlier versions of some browsers, they may or may not support the client side commands.

Server side image maps were the first attempts at doing it and are not used as much any more, and fake image maps, are, well -- fake.

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