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Listed below are common questions that keep coming up on the Discussion forums about CuteSITE Builder (CSB).  CuteSITE Builder is available for a 30 day free trial or purchase.

Other helpful information:
 1. Will I be able to use CSB with my existing Trellix .tlx files? Or will I have to completely redo my web site if I switch to CSB?
According to GlobalSCAPE, CSB is backwards compatible with your 2.7 Trellix .tlx file.  Personally, I have republished all my web sites using CSB without a single problem.
 2. What are some of the new features in CSB that would make me want to buy it?
CSB is based on the 'Publish Anywhere' version of Trellix Web, which allows you to publish to virtually any web hosting company you choose.

They have added two new publishing options (FTP port#, override PASV mode), and have cleaned up the user interface. Gone in CSB are the 3rd party web gems, and the Page Protect wizard.
 3. How easy is it to publish with CSB?
There is a setup process to configure CSB to publish to your host.  This is the same as the setup process for the Publish  Anywhere version of Trellix Web.
 4. Is CSB free?
No. But you can download a free version that will work for 30 days.
 5. Will CSB work with my web hosting company?
I have not yet encountered a web company that we could not make work with CSB.  However, I'm sure somewhere in the world, an exception to the rule exists!

Keep in mind that personal firewalls or some antivirus programs may interfere with the publishing process, and will need to be configured.
 6. What happened to the 'Build your own web gem'?
It's still there, just renamed!  Click on Insert > HTML Code
 7. Can I use CSB to publish to more than one web hosting company?
Yes.  I use both a paid web provider (DellHost), plus several free web providers, which I use to test out different scripts and ideas.
 8. Can I use CSB to create web sites for other friends, or families, or for businesses?
Yes.  There is no restriction on how many different sites you can create with CSB.  The only legal issue is that your friend or business will need to purchase their own copy of CSB if they wish to maintain the site themselves down the road.
 9. Can I publish to a local server at my school/office?
Yes.  CSB includes an option to publish locally.  So, if you are attached to a network server, you could direct CSB to publish to a specific directory.  Contact your network administrator for more information.
 10. Can I still use my Trellix Web software?
Yes, if it is already installed and working on your PC, or you are using the 'Publish Anywhere' version.  

As of June, 2002 Trellix Corp. took down the web site used by the free versions of Trellix Web to initially register the product. This affects anyone who has never  registered/published their free version of Trellix Web, or had to reload their software. In these cases, the free versions of Trellix Web will no longer publish.
 11. Do I have to uninstall Trellix Web before installing CuteSITE Builder?
Yes, according to GlobalSCAPE.  And it is always a good precaution to backup your Trellix .tlx file(s) before doing this.
 12. Are there any problems with uninstalling Trellix or installing CSB?
Some users have encountered problems with uninstalling Trellix.  Problems are generally caused by older versions of the Uninstall process that did not delete all files or remove all registry settings.

GlobalSCAPE has provided some instructions to address these issues.