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CuteSITE Builder 3.0 Features

Here's my list of new features, changes, enhancements and fixes that you will find in the CuteSITE Builder 3.0 release (as compared to the Trellix Web 2.7 release).  This list is certainly not exhaustive!

For more information, please read GlobalSCAPE's announcement
1. The name has changed from Trellix Web to CuteSITE Builder -- or CSB for short!
2. Since CSB is based on the 'Publish Anywhere' version of Trellix Web, there will no longer be separate 'free' versions of CSB for Tripod, Fortune City, etc.
3. The web provider setup page now allows you to enable/disable Passive FTP, and to change the default FTP port number.
4. All the 3rd party web gems have been dropped
5. The 'Build Your Own Web Gem' (BYOWG) has been renamed 'Insert Your Own HTML' -- any ideas for an acceptable contraction?
6. Some additional design documents/templates have been added
7. CSB includes the patch to allow you to publish to a local directory
8. CSB includes the fix for displaying centered tables correctly when using a Netscape 4.x browser
9. All the standard, built in Web Gems, are now accessible from the 'Insert' command in a drop down menu format
10. The downloadable file has been reduced from 16MB to 7MB --- which will really help those using dial up modems!