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Problems with Publishing

Solving problems with publishing can be complicated, given that there are at least as many problems as there are web providers!  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

 1. Are you new to publishing with Trellix?

Trellix makes it very easy to publish your web site.  "Publish" is what we call it when you are ready to move your created Trellix web pages from your PC to your web provider.  If you have never published before, be sure to read the Trellix FAQ: Publishing to a web hosting company
 2. Who is my web provider, and do I have the right version of Trellix?

Many web providers, like Tripod, Fortune City, DellHost, and others, provide
 3. What if my web provider is not one on the Trellix list?

Trellix provides a version of their software called "Publish Anywhere" (PA) which gives you the flexibility to publish to virtually any web provider of your choosing, whether or not they have an agreement or an affiliation with Trellix.

With the PA version, you have more work to do to set yourself up in order to publish.  However, Trellix provides a nice overview of the process, plus examples for over a dozen of the standard web providers.
 4. Where can I obtain the Publish Anywhere version of Trellix?

The PA version normally sells for $69, and you can either download it or order the CDROM directly from Trellix.  click here
 5. What if I am having problems publishing?

First, be sure you have reviewed Trellix's list of common publishing problems, where they also address problems publishing to specific web providers.

Second, although this is not required in order to publish with Trellix, I would suggest having an FTP utility installed on your PC.  FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and is a method for transferring files across the Internet.  Trellix uses FTP internally when you publish.  Having a separate FTP utility can help you to determine if your problem publishing is with you, Trellix, or your web provider.
 6. I'm still not getting anywhere and I still can't publish!

--Try contacting your web provider and see if there are having any current problems with their FTP server.

--Post your question on the Cafe Trellix discussion forum.
If you do, please don't just say: I'm having problems publishing. What's wrong?.  Give us as much detail as you possibly can, including:

1. The name of your web provider
2. The version of Trellix you are using
3. Your URL or domain name
4. Tell us if this is the first time you have ever tried publishing, or if you have published in the past, and are just now experiencing problems