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I cannot UNinstall Trellix 2.7


You cannot uninstall your previous version of Trellix (you get an error message indicating that a file is missing in order to uninstall)


You were able to uninstall Trellix, but when you try to install CuteSITE Builder, it says that Trellix has not been uninstalled.


Step 1: Backup your Windows Registry

Fixing the problem requires making changes to your windows Registry file; and it is always advisable to backup your Windows registry file before proceeding.

Step 2: Edit Windows Registry

- Download the file Remove_Trellix.reg which was provided to me from GlobalSCAPE.  Be sure to note the location of the file after downloading it!

- If you are prompted to "open or save" the file, select SAVE

- Then using Windows Explorer (My Computer), locate the file you just downloaded and then double click on it. You may be asked to confirm that you are aware that you are updating your windows Registry file.

Step 3: Delete Trellix program folder

- Open up Windows Explorer (My Computer)
- Click on C: drive, then the Program Files folder
- Locate and delete the subfolder (directory) named Trellix or TrellixWeb

Step 4: Install CuteSITE Builder

- Install and run CSB

Thanks to Daniel at GlobalSCAPE for this solution!