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My CSB/Trellix file is getting too large!


Your Trellix/CSB file is getting larger and larger -- and publishing is taking an equally longer time to complete.  What can be done?


Quick fix:  

1. Start up CuteSITE Builder (or Trellix) and open your .tlx file
2. Click on File > Save As - and enter a new name
3. Exit CuteSITE Builder.

If you now view the file sizes of your original and new files, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that the size of you r file has been reduced drastically.

What happed? Well, as you add and delete pages and images within CuteSITE Builder / Trellix, those deleted areas remain, taking up space.  Doing a File > save As essentially reclaims that wasted space.

Elaborate Fix:

Your CuteSITE Builder / Trellix file can be split up into several smaller Trellix files, each of which can be published to separate subdirectories on your web site.

I have a tutorial (