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Where's my Fortune City web site I published?


You've recently signed up with Fortune City for a free web site. You use Trellix Web (or CuteSITE Builder) to build your web site, and then you publish it to Fortune City.   However, when you view your web site using your browser, all you get is the default "moving in soon" page that Fortune City puts up.

So .... where did your web site go? and how do you fix it?


Trust me ... your web site is actually there at Fortune City (FC), if you correctly published your site!   You just need to understand what's happening, first, in order to fix it!

Let's assume your Fortune City's URL is something like this:

1. Open up your browser, and type in your Fortune City URL.  You should get the 'moving in' page, right?

2. Now, type in your URL again, but this time add  /index.htm to the end of the URL, so it looks something like this:

Surprise! You should see your Trellix/CSB web site.

3. Hold on, there's more.  Now try typing in the same URL, as in step 2 but instead of .htm , type:  .html  (that's a lower case L, not the number one!)

Whoah ... you're back to your 'moving in' page!

What you have just learned is that (a)  the default home page of most web providers is usually named either index.htm or index.html, and, (b) Fortune City, by default uses index.html

So, how do you fix this?

1. Point your browser to:, and when prompted, enter your FC's userid and password. Alternately, you could enter:

2. A list of all the files on your web site will display after a few moments.

3. You want to delete the following three files, if they exist:

To delete them, simply right click on the file, and select 'Delete'.  If you have any problems in deleting your files, you may need to contact Fortune City to do it for you.

4. After this, simply republish your Trellix/CSB file. If you happen to get a message that your site was previously published, or that you will be overwriting your entire site, just click OK and proceed.