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How do I access my site via FTP?


You keep hearing about FTP.  So what is it?  And why do you need to use it?


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.  Simply put, it is a method for copying files from your PC to your web site.  Actually, it is not much different than copying files from your computer to a floppy disk.

Until recently, I would have recommended that users buy an FTP utility program in order to do this.  And, if you know that you will be copying files quite a bit to your web site, it is still a good investment.  GlobalSCAPE sells a product called CuteFTP that does the job nicely.

But the newer versions of PC browsers now allow for doing FTP right from your browser.  To do this, you need 2 pieces of information:
(1) the userid and password to access your website
(2) the URL for accessing your web provider's FTP server

The first two you will probably already know, the third may require contacting your web provider.  Some examples will help:

- if your web site is on Tripod, use
- if your web site is on FortuneCity, use
- if you pay for your web site and URL, simply replace 'www' with 'ftp'
(example: if your URL is, then the FTP server may be

1. Open up your browser and enter your userid and FTP server name as follows:

2. When prompted, enter your password

3. A list of all the files on your web site will display after a few moments.

4. At this point, you could also click on 'My Computer', lcoate a file from your PC and drag/drop it to your web browser, and the file will be copied to your web site!