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Patch to turn off PASV mode when publishing
If you are using Trellix Web PA and need to disable passive (PASV) FTP mode, you need to follow these instructions.

Background: by default, both Trellix Web and CuteSITE Builder enables passive (PASV) FTP mode.  However, there are some web provider where publishing will not work until passive mode is disabled.

CuteSITE Builder allows you to select whether passive mode is enabled or not.  But with Trellix Web you have no option to change it.

Use this patch at your own risk.  As always, make backups of required files (including the registry) before proceeding.

Note: although these instructions were provided to me by GlobalSCAPE, I have not tested it, nor does GlobalSCAPE or I make any guarantees as to the outcome.
How to use:
1. Edit your Window's registry file and drill down to:
    > Software
      > Trellix
        > WPProviders
          > OtherHost

2. Either set "Passive"="False" or delete the Passive key entry completely (if the key is not there, it's set to False by default)

3. After editing the registry file, you will need to reboot.

Download the code
right click on link, then click on 'Save target (or frame) as'
Other information:
This patch is provided "as is" with no guarantees from either GlobalSCAPE, Trellix or myself.  Use of this patch is your decision.  I am not in a position to support it or answer questions about it at this time.  You understand !!!

Source code: