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How can I make backups of my .tlx files?


You know that it is important to always have good backups of your CuteSITE Builder/Trellix Web .tlx files.  But it's not always something we thing about.  So if the backup can occur automatically, you can have your cake and eat it, too!


There are actually three solutions:

1. I have written a VB/WSH Script that I use for all my primary CSB .tlx files.  After modifying the script for your use, you create a shortcut on your desktop.  Then everytime you wish to edit your CSB file, double click on the shortcut and it will automatically make a backup of your .tlx file, add an entry to a log file, and then startup CuteSITE Builder for you!  The script will also allow you to identify how many prior versions of your .tlx file it should keep.  

Click here to read more about it, and download the code.

2. After I had written the above program, Cary, a fellow CSB'er, actually developed a full scale utility program (BLaunch) based on my effort, expanded on it and even allows it to be used for another applications. Best of all, it's free!

Click here to read more about his utility and to download it.

3. Finally, in version 4.0 of CuteSITE Builder, Globalscape has added the option to upload a copy of your .tlx file directly to your web server.  I would suggest that although this is a good feature to use - I would not suggest using it on a regular basis.

Why?  Simply because the time it takes for you to publish will be increased based on how long it takes to actually upload your .tlx file.  I would suggest only using it after you have made major changes to your web site.  I would not use it if all you did was to make one change to one page.

To enable or disable this option, click on Publishing > Options > Host Setup.