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Why did my fonts/colors change after I publish?


After publishing your CuteSITE Builder /Trellix web site, you discover that the fonts, font sizes and colors that you selected to use on your pages have changed.  What's going on?


Here is the answer from the online CuteSITE Builder knowledge base:

"When publishing a Web site, CuteSITE Builder makes every attempt to ensure that the output resembles the CuteSITE Builder pages as closely as possible. However, there are some HTML conventions over which CuteSITE Builder has no control. For example, HTML supports a limited number of font sizes, so CuteSITE Builder analyzes the number of font sizes used in the document and attempts to match them to similar font sizes in HTML. "

Still confused?  

Well, the web industry has selected a standard set of font types, font sizes and font colors that are considered "web safe".  This simply means that if you stick with those web safe fonts and colors, they should appear the same, no matter which browser is used, or which operating system.

Why can't you use any font that you may have on your computer for your web page?  In order to see that font from another computer, that other computer must have the same font installed.  But there's no way for you to know, or control, that every person or every computer has that font installed.  

But, if you use one of the web safe fonts/colors, you can be pretty sure that everyone will see your web page.

For more information on web safe fonts and web safe colors, go to: