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How do I display text  to the left/right of my image?


By default, in CuteSITE Builder/Trellix, after inserting an image or photo on a page, your text cursor will be sitting at the bottom right hand corner of the image.

Normally, one would press <Enter> and start typing, with the text appearing below the image.  Like this --
Picture 1 - Big Gen

But did you know you can change the image properties so that the text can appear to the left or right of the image, starting at the top? Like this -->


1. Insert your image at the beginning of a paragraph--

2. Right click on the image, then click Properties > Image --

3. Then click on the Location tab--

4. Then click to have adjacent text appear to the Right or Left of your image. The margins options will allow you to control how close the text should come to the image.  Normally. I will set the left/right margin somewhere between 3 and 5.