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How can I Password Protect some pages?


Trellix Web 2.7 included a feature called Password Protect Web Gem.  Unfortunately, that feature was dropped in CuteSITE Builder 3.0.  This feature would allow you to restrict access to one or more pages on your site, by requiring your visitors to enter a password.

There was some limitation to the Trellix Web implementation - you could only force entry of a password, and it was a single, common password for everyone.  So you could not have different userid / password combinations.


Here are several different solutions for implementing a password protection scheme on your web site. You can also use your favorite web search engine (like Google) and do a search for keywords: password protect script  for more choices.

1. Bravenet offers their Password Gate

Protects up to 20 different web pages, or have 20 different valid userids & passwords; you can also control the error message that displays.  However, it does not display or work with framed pages well, which is how Trellix/Cute/SITE Builder web sites are published, by default.

2. offers Password Pro

This is a Javascript implementation that is similar to what Trellix used to offer, in that it just requires entry of a password.

3. Javascript Kit offers Login/Password Script II

Another Javascript implementation.  I don't care for this as much, as the userid & password are imbedded into the script, as well as the name of the page it is linked to.

4. TechnoTrade offers a basic CGI script called Password Protector.

To implement it, you will need to download and edit a single file: password.cgi based on the instructions on their web site.  This password.cgi file must then be uploaded (via FTP) to your web site, and the file permissions set to 755.  

Then, to call (execute) the script, you simply need to provide a link to the location of the password.cgi file.   Example :
<A HREF="">Connect to our protected pages</A>