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How can I stop Popup Ads?


Popup ads can be good at times, but for the most part not only are the a nuisance, but they can be downright infuriating.  You go to a web site, and all of a suddent you have 5 or 10 other browser windows opened up with advertisement!


I evaluated several pop up ad blocking programs.  It's important to note that the majority of these utilities will only work with Internet Explorer (IE).  I evaluated a couple that said they would work with Netscape or Opera, but I did not test them with those browsers.

The one I like the best, right now, is actually a free program called AdShield v1.2. It works as an IE add-in program, which means that it is up and running automatically everytime you open up your browser.

Testing it:

I found a web site (Meaya) that has a Popup Ad filter test page.  It will run through a series of standard pop up commands and tricks that advertisers often use.  Run throught it both BEFORE and AFTER installing the ad blocking program of your choice.