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How can I protect my images?


You have images or photos or designs that you want to put on your web site, but are concerned that  visitors may steal your work.  If so, here are some ideas and examples of what you can do to protect your valuable work.

Disable Right Click: You can't keep people from stealing (downloading) your images from your web site. You can slow them down by disabling the right click button. I have several versions of a 'No right click' Javascript in my web site under the Sample Code section (Browser Effects).

In fact, click on your mouse's right button now to see what happens!

Stamp a visible logo/text:  Consider adding a visible logo or text (your name, or a copyright statement) on every image. I found one such web site, Picture Shark, that has a free utility for doing just this.

I have an example below of a picture my wife create of me playing the guitar.  I've added my KWSupport logo as a semi-transparaent watermark:

Digital Watermark:  However, the best way to secure your images and photos, and to prove that they are yours, is to embed a digital watermark on your images.

Many graphics packages (Photoshop, PhotoImpact, Corel, and others) provide such a tool that comes from Digimarc Corporation. The current version of their add-in is available for download, and they provide an online tutorial for using their software.

With this tool, you insert a digital watermark that you can then later on "read" to confirm or verify that the photo is yours.  You can also obtain a unique Creator ID and register your images, if you are really serious about protecting your work. The cost of a subscription is based on the number of images you wish to protect, and the first year is free. Click here for details.


Colored pencil that my wife did of me playing my guitar.  See more at
Take a look at these two photos.  The one on the left was the original, the one on the right contains a digital watermark!
Here's the screen snapshot from inside Adobe Photoshop for the left image, the one that does NOT have a digitized watermark:

And here's the screen snap shot from Photoshop for the right hand picture that DOES HAVE a digitized watermark: