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I cannot publish with Trellix Web


Situation 1: You have the free version of Trellix Web and are trying to publish for the very first time.  

Situation 2: Or, you were previously publishing with the free version of Trellix Web, but you had to reload Trellix Web because of a computer crash.

In either case, you now get error messages when you try to publish.


The free versions of Trellix Web required access to a web site that was maintained by Trellix Corporation in order to register the software.  That web site was taken offline sometime in June, 2002.  Because of that, you will no longer be able to reigster and use the free versions of Trellix Web to publish.

To continue publishing, you will need to download and purchase CuteSITE Builder, which is the follow on product to Trellix Web.