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Why are they forcing me to buy CuteSITE Builder?


You have the free version of Trellix Web, and now find out that you cannot use it to publish.  The solution is to buy CuteSITE Builder.

What happened?


There were actually two versions of a Trellix Web: a free version, and a paid version.

The free version of Trellix Web were provided to certain web providers, such as Tripod and Fortune City, who contracted with Trellix Corporation to make these special versions available at no cost.  These free versions were only limited in that they could only be used to publish to the specific web provider(s) listed in the software.

Trellix Corporation also had a paid version of their software that could be purchased.  It was known as the 'Publish Anywhere' version of Trellix Web.  The cost of this product was $69, and it allowed you to publish to ANY web provider of your choice. The free and paid versions were identical except for the fact that with the paid version you were no longer restricted to publishingt to the 2 or 3 web sites offered.

Globalscape, when they took over Trellix Web last year, only contracted for the Publish Anywhere version from Trellix Corporation.  And it is that version that was released as CuteSITE Builder December, 2001.