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What are "anchors" & how do I use them?

Normally, when you click on a link on most web pages, it simply displays the new web page, starting at the top. Correct?  But what if you want to create a link that takes your visitor to a particular place, or section, of a page?  Well, then, you need to use anchors.

First, let's see it in action ... Click here

There are two steps involved:
(1) creating the anchors
(2) linking to them

Section 1:  Creating the anchor

1. Position your cursor to where you wish to place the anchor.  In my case, I placed it at the start of each Section.  

2. Click on Insert > Anchor, and a window pops up allowing you to assign a name to your anchor.  Each anchor should be uniquly named within a page.

3. Repeat this for each section of your page that you wish to add an anchor

Section 2:  Linking to the anchor

In the first part of my page, I entered text, such as  Introduction, Planning, etc. These texts will be the links to each section.  

1. Simply highlight your words (like 'Introduction') to be linked

2. Click on  Link > Link to an Anchor On > Current Page

3. A window poips up with a list of available anchors to select from.  These are the anchors you created in section 1 above.