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You have reached your daily mail quota


You've created a new form in CuteSITE Builder using the Form Wizard.  Obviously you want to test it out to make sure that your form is working.  After performing several successful tests, you suddenly receive an email alert telling you that "you have reached your daily mail quota".

Is there a limit on how many emails Globalscape or CuteSITE Builder will allow via a form wizard?


As it turns out, the error message you have received is really a "feature" of CuteSITE Builder.

Obviously you want people to be fill out a form and send it to you.  But what if someone is trying to be malicious and keeps pressing 'Send' and generates a ton of email repsonses to you?  That's called "spamming".  

So, Globalscape limits the number of emails that can be sent from any one computer to you within a specific time frame.  Currently the limit is 7 emails per hour per IP address (computer).