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How can I open a corrupted .tlx file?

Opening Corrupted Documents:

This document describe a way that you can look at problem documents and attempt recovery of some or all of the information contained in them.

Note: this information was provided to me by Globalscape to assist in debugging corrupt .tlx files.  I cannot guarantee or warrant that it will work. Obviously, making regular backups of your .tlx files is always a good idea!

The workaround is to try is to open the document without opening any pages. Often, the problem that causes the document to fail to open is on the page that was open when the document was last saved. When the document is opened without opening any pages, you can then click on pages in the map to choose which page or pages to view. If a page causes a problem, note which page it is, close the document and reopen it without opening any pages. Continue viewing the other pages of the document.

TO OPEN A DOCUMENT WITHOUT OPENING ANY PAGES, specify the name of the document on the command line and use the -b switch. E.g., csb.exe -b foo.tlx

In most cases, it's easier to use a shortcut in the "Send To" folder that's modified to specify this option. The directions here are oriented to Windows 2000 and Windows XP. They can be adapted for other versions of Windows.

Right click on the Start button, choose Explore, and explore to All Users
Expand All Users, Start Menu and GlobalSCAPE
Click on the "CuteSITE Builder" folder
Copy the "CuteSITE Builder" icon to the "Send To" folder for your login
I'd suggest renaming the icon to something like "CSB -b"
Right click on the icon in the Send To folder and choose Properties.
Go to the end of the Target field and add a space and -b so the line looks something like what appears below between the brackets:
["C:\Program Files\GlobalSCAPE\CuteSITE Builder\program\csb.exe" -b]

[NOTE: you may need to change options in the Explorer to see the Send To folder. Open the explorer and from the menu choose Tools--Folder Options, then choose the View tab and select "Show hidden files and folders".]

Now you can explore to find a .tlx file, right click on it and choose "Send To" > "CSB -b", and CuteSITE Builder will open the document without opening any pages.

Figure 1 - Creating the "CSB -b" icon in  the 'SendTo' folder:

Figure 2 - Testingthe "CSB -b" SendTo icon