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Does CSB/Trellix Web produce bad code?


There are several web sites (like NetMechanic) that offer to review your web site and identify potential HTML coding errors and violations.  

A recent CSB user posted in the discussion forum that they used NetMechanic to review just 5 pages, and it came back and reported  59 errors and 11 browser compatibility problems.  So, the question is asked: does CuteSITE Builder generate bad HTML code?

Another user, in response, used NetMechanic to review Microsoft's home page, and NetMechanic came back with 172 errors and 21 browser compatibility problems!

Personally, I believe that tools like the Net Mechanic site are better suited for those people that code their web sites manually, and not with a web site generator program like CuteSITE Builder. I expect that any web generator software will not code 100% correct code.

It should be noted that CuteSITE Builder (and Trellix Web) are pretty much based on the HTML 3.2 coding standards.