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How do I enter Meta Tags in CSB/Trellix Web?


In creating your web site, no doubt you will encounter articles that discuss how to get your web site listed in the various SEARCH engines.  Invariably, they will tell you that you need to edit/create certain <Meta Tag> instructions and place them into your web page.

So, you may ask: how do I enter meta tags with CuteSITE Builder? Keep reading!  

But if all you want to do is to submit your home page to several search engines,


CSB allows you to enter the information that will go into the three primary Meta Tag fields through the Page Properties option.  With your CSB program opened, right click on the square box that represents your Home Page in the MAP area, and then click on Properties, and you will see a screen like this:

The three fields that affect the Meta Tags are: Summary, Author, and Keywords.  Listed below are some simple guidelines:

Summary:  Enter a short description of your web site and this web page.  Usually 100-255 characters is all you should enter
Author: enter your name
Keywords: enter a string of keywords separated by a comma and a space. Usually 20-30 words. Example: dog, cat, fish, animals, zoo

Your Page Properties screen should then look something more like this:

And after publishing, if you click on View > Source from your web browser, you will see the generated Meta tags on your web page. Like this:

Additional Questions and Ideas:

1. Should this information be added to every page of my web site?  Personally, I would say 'No'. Certainly you want the information loaded on your home page, and then any other significant page(s) that you wish to appear in a SEARCH engine listing.

2. Can I overdo it?  Yes.  The SEARCH engines not only look for information in these fields, they also look to see if you are abusing this information. For example, you cannot repeat the same keyword more than about 8 times.  Example: green bird, bird house, red bird, black bird ...

3. Are meta tags the magic solution to getting my web site listed in the Search engines?  No! Read more at: DEATH OF A  META TAG

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