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How do I change the Insert HTML Placeholder image?


When inserting HTML code (using Insert > HTML Code), CuteSITE Builder uses the following default 150x69 pixel placeholder image:

Users often ask: "Can I use a different image?", and the answer is "YES! CuteSITE Builder does allow you to use a customized placeholder image". Read on to find out how!

Step 1: Create your own image.

Use any image editor to make your own custom GIF file.  Personally, I recommend making it as small as possible. The one I use is 20x20 pixels in size, with the letters WG, which stands for "Web Gem", a holdback from the old Trellix Web 'Build your own Web Gem' days.  Here is the image I regularly use:

Step 2: Tell CSB to use your image instead of the default.

When you click on Insert > HTML Code, in the middle of the screen you will see a section labeled 'Choose a placeholder image'.  

Notice the Browse button to the right. Click on the browse button and locate your custom image.

Here's how the screen looks after I select my image file.

That's all there is to it!
Step 3: Can I make it so my placeholder image comes up as the default one?

You bet!

Use 'My Computer' and drill down as follows: C: > Program Files > Globalscape > CuteSITE Builder > Images > Build Your Own > BuildYourOwn.gif

Rename the existing image BuildYourOwn.gif to something else, like OLDBuildYourOwn.gif.  And then, copy your customized placeholder image to this same directory, and rename it as 'BuildYourOwn.gif'

And here's the result: