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How do I implement Swish files?


Swish2 is a 3rd party product that allows you to make animated menus, intros, and buttons.  It is very popular amongst many CuteSITE Builder / Trellix users.


SWISH will generate a .swi file, as well as some HTML code for you.  The easiest way to implement your SWISH file is:
1. Upload your .swi file to your web site manually, outside of CuteSITE Builder / Trellix
2. Copy & paste the provided HTML code into your CSB page using the Insert > HTML Code function.


Additional Information:

David Petley, a SWISH Support Tech, posted the following to the CuteSITE Builder forum:

Hi all, just popped by to give some useful links if anyone is interested in finding out more about SWiSH.

For tips and help on using Swish, the official SWiSH support forum at -

For some excellent tutorials and forums -

excuse me if anyone thinks this is spam, I won't do it again, promise.

david p.
SWiSH Support guy