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How do I implement Streaming Audio?


We often get questions on the CuteSITE Builder forum about implementing streaming audio thru CSB.

The solution below was provided thru the online Help pages at iPowerWeb.  

Also, please keep in mind that many web providers may not allow streaming audio/video -- so check with your web provider first!

a. Your web site's URL is:
b. Your streaming audio file is named: myfile.rm
c. You have RealPlayer installed on your PC

1. Create a text file named myfile.ram

2. Contents of the the file myfile.ram should look like this:

3. Upload both files (myfile.ram and myfile.rm) to your web site via FTP

4. Go to the page in CSB where you wish to have the streaming audio, and include/create a URL link to your .ram text file, such as: