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How do I get my web site listed on Search Engines?


After you create and publish your web site, what's next? Well, you probably want the whole world to know about your web site.  So the question is: "How do I get my web site listed on all these search engines that people use?"

Short answer ... Hard Work!
Longer answer ... Keep on reading!

But, if all you want to do is to submit your web site to search engines, you might try starting with the following web site.  Until Jan 31st, they only charge $2.50 to submit your web site to over 300 search engines! - 300+ Search Engine Submission and Web Site Promotion
Longer Answer:

First: Learn how Search Engines work

Learn about search engines and spiders & robots work:

Second: Optimize Your Site

Any page that will be listed in a Search engine needs to have keywords and description already entered. Click here to find out how to do this within CuteSITE Builder.

Third: Submit Your Site

To get started, click here to list your home page in 8 standard search engine sites, including Lycos, Excite, AOL, and others

Then go to various Search engines and register your website manually. Some search engines charge a fee for this service, others do it at no cost to you.  Some sites, like Microsoft's bCentral, will generate daily and weekly reports for you, and their fee is a recurring anuual charge.

Microsoft bCentral ($79 for one web site)
Dogpile ($49.95 for one web site)
Yahoo (free for personal web sites)
Yahoo Express for Businesses ($299.95 for one web site, read FAQ) ($49 for one web site)
Gigablast (free)

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