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I cannot convert my Trellix Web .tlx files to CSB 4.0

If you are using version 2.5 or 2.6 of Trellix Web, you may find that CuteSITE Builder 4.0 will not read or convert your .tlx files.  If so, Globalscape went right to work on this problem, and released a new maintenance release of CSB 4.0 ( that will read and convert .tlx files created with Trellix Web 2.5/2.6.

To see if you need to download a later version of CuteSITE Builder, do the following:
Start up CuteSITE Builder
Click on Help > About CuteSITE Builder

If the version number shows up as or, then you need to obtain a later version of CSB. If so, perform the following steps:
Make sure you have your serial# for CSB 4 on hand
Go to Globalscape's web site and download CSB 4 again
Backup any .tlx files you may have created
Uninstall CuteSite Builder
Then install the new version you just downloaded.  The new version should appear as (or greater).

Here is the actual text of the Globalscape's announcement:

We're proud to announce CSB CuteSITE Builder 4 Build is a maintenance release. The fixes and changes will probably be seen as subtle, but hopefully they will aid in some of the situations that have been causing problems recently.

This release was created primarily to deal with the Trellix 2.5 and 2.6 documents not opening . They will now open in this build thus alleviating the need for users to have to use CSB3 first to open their Trellix .tlx files (theoretically any 2.X Trellix document should open - 2.5 and 2.6 were tested)

This release contains a message warning users upgrading from CSB3 that they should save their .tlx files before proceeding with the install of CSB4.

When uninstalling this release will NOT wipe out a customers .tlx files if they manage to save the files in the CSB program file folder or subfolders (which is never a good idea, but we have to make sure that even people with bad ideas are covered).

Templates have been added/removed, and there's now arranged a better naming convention for templates.

There's really no reason to upgrade if you're already on CSB However, this will be a significant boon for those who were waiting to upgrade from Trellix.

Remember, you can get the latest version of CSB from our FTP server at and from our HTTP server at