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Trellix Site Builder -vs- Globalscape's  CuteSITE Builder

We frequently receive questions on the CuteSITE Builder Discussion Board
about the use of a web based tool called Trellix Site Builder.

Unfortunately, the two products are not the same, and the CuteSITE Builder forum does not provide support for the Trellix Web Express / Site Builder product.

Why the confusion? Let me explain ...

Trellix Corporation originally developed a product called Trellix Web (TW), which is a PC based web development tool, several years ago. Versions of it were packaged with Corel WordPerfect Suite.  Trellix also signed up several web providers (Tripod, Fortune City) to offer the product for free.

At the same time, Trellix Corp also began developing a web based version of the product, which they named Trellix Web Express.  The intent was that this would be a "private label" distribution, meaning that web providers (like Tripod, Earthlink, Interland, etc.) would offer the Trellix Web Express as a value-added feature to their customers. Many of these web providers re-branded (renames) Trellix Web Express as Site Builder.

Then in 2001, Trellix Corp. decided that they could not fully support both product lines, and decided to sell off the Trellix Web product.  Globalscape stepped in and took over the product. They renamed it CuteSITE Builder and released it in December 2001.

So, as you can see, the confusion is simply in the similar names of the two products, and the fact that both products were originally developed by the same company. Furthermore, the CuteSITE Builder product is a PC-based tool, whereas the Trellix Site Builder product is web-based.

Unfortunately, the way Trellix Corp. markets Trellix Site Builder, each web provider is required to provide sole support of the product to thewir customer base.  Trellix Corp. does not offer direct end user customer support of their product.