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My download files keep disappearing!

Here's a strange one that several users have encountered:

"I have several downloadable files on my site, placed using the "file download" function (Insert > File Download) within CuteSITE Builder. They all work fine, but anytime I make any change to the site and republish, CuteSITE Builder deletes the download files so the links will no longer work.  

In other words, republishing the site for any reason causes all existing download files to be deleted. The last thing I see on the update progress screen during publishing is "deleting HTMLobj-xxx, where xxx are the numbers of the various files. How can I prevent this?"

Answer: this is a bug that was identified with CuteSITE Builder. We have isolated the cause, and thus discovered a workaround.  The problem is bveing caused when you use the option to save a copy of your HTML files locally.  Disable this option, and your files will not be deleted from your web site!

Here's how to do it:
1. Choose File > Publish website
2. Choose Options
3. Choose the HTML Directory tab
4. Uncheck the box to save to copy of exported HTML locally.

Note: we suggest that when publishing to the website, leave the above option unchecked. You can re-check it if you just want to preview the site without publishing. This creates a copy of all the HTML and image files on your computer.