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How do I create and implement a FAVICON on my site?

What is a FAVICON?
FAVICON  is the term used when you wish to provide a unique icon that is associated with your web site. Then when people bookmark your site, your custom icon file will appear.  

Compare the following two screen snapshots, looking specifically at the small image file within the browser Address bar:

Without Favicon

With Favicon

How do I create my FAVICON?
A favicon is a 16x16 (or 32x32) pixel image file that is saved in a special .ico file format. Here's a simple way of creating your favicon file:

1. Create or find the image (.jpg file preferably) that you wish to use.
2. Crop it to a 32x32 pixel size using your favorite graphics editor.
3. Download and install the free Irfanview image view and converter program
4. Use Irfanview to open your .jpg file and then save it as an .ico file.
5. Rename your .ico file to favicon.ico  --  not FAVICON.ICO, not Favicon.ico, not FaViCoN.iCo, but favicon.ico

Here's the 32x32 pixel JPG file I use ---

How do I install or use my FAVICON?
Simply upload your favicon.ico file to your web site using your favorite FTP utility, and place it in the same directory where your home page (index.htm / index.html) is located.

Are there any problems with using FAVICONS?
Favicons work best using Internet Explorer.  It may not work with some other older browser.

What if I want different FAVICONS for different pages or sections of my web site?
You're on your own! There's ways of doing it with some special codes, but I have had mixed results doing so.

Where can I read more about FAVICONS?