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How do I upgrade ftom Trellix Web to CuteSITE Builder


1. Make a backup copies of your .tlx file.  Either copy it to a different directory, or to a CDROM, or to a ZIP drive.

2. Make sure you write down the following information: (a) your web site's URL, (b) the FTP address of your web provider, and (c) the userid and password to access.  If you have any questions, ask first at the CSB Discussion Forum.

3. Download and save the following file from my web site, but don't run it until Step 5: Remove_Trellix.reg

Uninstalling Trellix Web:

4. Uninstall Trellix Web from your computer.  Generally this is done via Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs

5. After you have uninstalled Trellix Web, locate and run (by double clicking) the file Remove_Trellix.reg.  This very small patch removes any references to Trellix Web from the Window's registry file on tyour computer

6. Then, click on My Computer, click on C: drive, click on Program files.  Then look to see if you find a directory named Trellix Web or Trellix. If so, delete that directory.

7. For good measure, clean out any temporary files. You can do this by clicking on My Computer, then right-click on your C: drive, click Properties, then click Disk Cleanup.

8. Then reboot your computer.

Installing CuteSITE Builder:

9. Download and install the latest version of CuteSITE Builder from Globalscape's Download Page

Configuring CuteSITE Builder for the first time:

10. When you start up CuteISTE Builder, and point it to your existing .tlx file, CSB will determine that the .tlx file was created with either and earlier version of CSB or with Trellix Web.  You will see a warning message telling you to do a File > Save As on your .tlx file in order to convert it to CSB 4.0

11. So, after your .tlx file is opened up, click on File > Save As, and enter a new name for your. tlx file.

12. Then you need to configure CUteSITE Builder to publish to your web site.  Click on File > Configure Web Site to start the new CSB Host Setup wizard.