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How do I use a web cam with CuteSITE Builder?


You would like to use a web cam to provide live streaming video to your web site.
But how do you make it all work?


I have not yet used web cam / streaming video yet on a web site.  But a fellow CSB user offers us his implementation:

I have had good success using Webcam 32 on CSB. You can download the software for a free trial, and is not too expensive to purchase at about $30 or $40.
With Webcam 32 you have two options:

1. Regular upload of still photos from your webcam, say every 20 seconds. This should be fine for your needs and is easy to do. In this case you use a java applet to refresh the page at the same rate as the new pictures are uploaded.

2. Live webcam - this needs a static IP as it sends a feedback signal to your computer and is much more complex, but I have done it with Webcam 32.

You can check out my webcam test page, although the cam is not active at the moment.
Hope this helps