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Publishing CSB over a LAN


[Editor's note: the following comments and screen snapshots were prepared by a CuteSITE Builder user (Wanderer) who took the time to document the steps required to publish a CSB web site to a local Windows 2000 server.]

When I got ASDL, I decided to set up my old computer as a server and use that to run my website rather than my ISP. The reason was i play online games and like to post screen shots of what has been happening and the amount of space i was allowed by the ISP was filling up fast.

This solution worked on a system consisting of 2 computers on a local area network and connected to the internet via a ASDL router, both running Windows 2000 Pro. All the computers on the network and the router have fixed IP Address's and the main one has CuteSITE builder installed. I cannot guarantee that it would work with any other setup.

Step 1:

The biggest problem was setting up the software so CuteSITE builder on the main computer could publish to Apache on another computer over the Local Area Network. First I set up Apache where I wanted it and took a note of the directory path.

The "htdocs" directory is the one where you have to transfer the files to so they can be displayed as a web site.

I then installed the FTP server on the same computer as the Apache software.

Once installed, I went to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Internet Services Manager and opened the Properties menu

Once the Properties menu was opened, I went to the "Home Directory" tab, this is the only one which needs to be changed. I changed the local path to point to where i wanted the CuteSITE files had to go, in this case F:\Apache2. Also I ensured the write box is ticked, by default it is not.

Step 2: CSB Side

Having got the computer ready to receive files, i took a note of its IP address and it was back to the main one which had CuteSITE installed. Opening the publish web site, options menu, I set up a new host as shown below:

Note that because I am behind a router, I had to use the IP address which i had allocated to the computer rather than the one my ISP had given me.

"htdocs" is the sub-directory of Apache2 where the web files must go to be published.
The website address is the static IP and port, commonly 80.
The FTP address is the same as the static IP.

The last thing to do is go to the Apache conf file "httpd" and add the command "index.htm" to the end of the DirectoryIndex line as shown below:

This allows the website to be viewed properly and not as a list of directories.

Five days, a lot of coffee and swearing and the help of someone who knew more about computer settings than me and its finally working properly.