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Patch to publish web site locally
This registry patch works with the Publish Anywhere version of Trellix.  It enables an option on the Publish/Options screen to allow you to publish your Trellix web site to a specific local directory rather than to a web hosting site.

Use this patch at your own risk.  As always, make backups of required files (including the registry) before proceeding.
How to use:
1. Download the file PA-TrellixFix.reg provided to your local disk. (See section:  Download the code  below)

2. Click Start -> Run, then type: regedit and click OK

3. If you have not yet backed up your registry file, click  on Registry -> Export Registry, then enter a name for your file. I suggest using today's date as part of the name. Eg.: backup-03-12-2001.reg

4. After the registry editor starts up, click on Registry -> Import Registry File

5.  Browse and locate the file you downloaded in step 1, and click on Open.  You should get a message indicating that the registry was successfully updated.  

6. After that, click on Registry -> Exit

7. To test that the patch works, start up Trellix, open your web site,  click on File -> Publish Web Site -> Options and you should find a new tab labeled 'HTML Directory'

Download the code
right click on link, then click on 'Save target (or frame) as'
Other information:
This patch is provided "as is" with no guarantees from either GlobalSCAPE, Trellix or myself.  Use of this patch is your decision.  I am not in a position to support it or answer questions about it at this time.  You understand !!!

Source code: