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Will CuteSITE Builder run on Windows XP?

Officially, CuteSITE Builder (CSB) 3.0 is qualified to run on Windows 9x / NT / ME / 2000 operating systems - but not Windows XP (Pro or Home verions).

CuteSITE Builder 3.0 logoDoes that mean that CSB won't work on XP? Not at all!  In fact, CSB runs very well on Windows XP.  I have been using CuteSITE Builder exclusively on a Windows XP Pro workstation since April, 2002 without any problems.  At last count, I have over 150 Trellix / CuteSITE Builder (.tlx) files on my server that I have created.

Are there problems with CSB on XP? To be fair, I do understand that Globalscape has received some reports of problems with running CSB on Windows XP.  But the problems appears to be very random in nature. However, I am not privvy to such information.

From the discussion forums, it appears that some XP users have had CSB crash on them.  Others have reported problems that appear to be related to a particular anti-virus or firewall software running.

Why isn't CSB XP complaint?  Well, that, too, is beyond my scope of knowledge.  But as an example, you should be aware that software programs store information inside the Windows Registry file.  Well, with Windows XP, Microsoft changed the requirements of where in the registry file a software program should record some of this information.

Microsoft's XP logoIf you are interested in learning more about what is involved for a software product, like CuteSITE Builder, to receive the "Designed for Micorosoft Windows XP" logo and approval, I have some links for your reading pleasure!