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BLaunch Utility
A fellow CSB user has designed a wonderful new utility, called BLAUNCH, that allows you to backup your .tlx file prior to launching CuteSITE Builder.

He's encorporated all the best from my WSH version, including defining the number of prior copies to maintain, ability to identify a different drive/directory to store the backup copy, and creating an automatic shortcut to use from your desktop.

He's also added some new features, like the option to "zip" your backup file automatically, and the ability to use this utility for other software applications (Excel, WordPerfect, Quicken, etc.)

How to use:
Go to his web site, download the BLaunch utility program, and then install it on your computer.

When you start up BLaunch, it may appear a little intimidating, but that's only because he has put everything you need all on one screen.

Start by reading over his online help page.

Here are my recommendation for your first shot at using BLaunch:

1. Create a separate directory on your computer to store your backups.  Let's assume it's called C:\CSBArchive

2. Start BLaunch, and in the 'Settings' box, you will want to enter  the name of your backup directory.  So go ahead and enter C:\CSBArchive

3. Next, notice the 'number of backup copies' option.  By default he has it set to 5, and that's fine.  Bit I'm very paranoid about backups, so mine is set to 20!

4. The file mask option is preloaded to .tlx, which is what we want.

Note: later on you can also use this utility for other software.  For example, let's say you have an Excel spreadsheet that you work on everyday to track sales.  Use BLaunch to make backup copies of your spreadsheet, before launching Excel!

5. Go ahead and click on 'Save Settings' at this time.

6. By default, the middle window, labeled 'Work Folder', is preloaded with 'C:\My Documents'.  If this is where your .tlx file is located, continue to step 7. Otherwise use the scroll area below it to locate the drive/folder where you keep your .tlx file

7. At this point, you can go ahead and click on the 'Backup/Launch' button to see if it all works.  A copy of your .tlx file will be stored in the C:\CSBArchive directory, and then CuteSITE Builder will be automatically started.

Creating a shortcut / automatic launcher:

1. If you want to make a shortcut, restart BLaunch and click on the 'make launcher' button.

2. You will have your choice as to what to call the name of the file.  I suggest using the first one. The name of the file will always end with .bl9.

3. After you are done, you will find the .bl9 file in the same directory where your .tlx file exists.  Right click on the file and select to 'Create a shortcut' and place the shortcut on your Windows desktop.

Download the code
right click on link, then click on 'Save target (or frame) as'
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Source code: